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        Connector 連接器

        1   2   A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z   



        1.25FJ-N connector
        1.5FJ connector


        2.54SB header
        2.5FJ connector
        2.5FJ-N connector
        2.5SB header


        ACH connector (W to W)
        ACH connector
        ACHL connector
        AGH connector
        AN connector
        AP-F6 (Semi-automatic crimping machine for solderless terminals/splices)
        ASR connector
        AYU1 connector


        BC header
        BCT-0514 (Hydraulic hand tool (Battery operated type))
        BCT-8150 (Hydraulic hand tool (Battery operated type))
        BCT-860N (Hydraulic hand tool (Battery operated type))
        BD connector (13mm pitch)
        BD connector (3.5mm pitch)
        BH connector (12.0mm pitch)
        BH connector (4.0mm pitch)
        BH connector (8.0mm pitch)
        BHL connector
        BHM connector (4.0mm pitch, W to W)
        BHM connector (8.0mm pitch, W to W)
        BHS connector (W to B)
        BHS connector (W to W)
        BHT connector (W to B)
        BHT connector (W to W)
        BL connector
        Blade terminal (AF-type Vinyl-insulated (funnel-entry))
        Blade terminal (AF-type Vinyl-insulated with copper sleeve (straight, flared))
        Blade terminal (AF-type, Non-insulated )
        Blade terminal (AF-type, Vinyl-insulated) (flared)
        Blade terminal (AF-type, Vinyl-insulated) (straight)
        Bullet terminal (PC type)(Fully-nylon-insulated with copper sleeve)
        Bullet terminal (Vinyl-insulated with copper sleeve)
        Butt splice (C-type Non-insulated/WSC-type Non-insulated, Vinyl or nylon-insulated)
        Butt splice (C-type, Nylon-insulated)
        Butt splice (C-type, Vinyl-insulated)
        Button contact


        CF Card connector MA type (Adapter)
        CF Card connector MA type (Ejector)
        CF Card connector MA type (Frame set)
        CF Card connector MA type (Socket & Header)
        CK connector
        CL connector
        CN connector (W to B)
        CR connector
        CRK connector
        CS connector
        Closed-end splice (CE-type/SD-type)
        Cluster pin terminal
        Cluster socket
        Copper Tubular Lugs (One-hole)
        Copper Tubular Lugs (Two-holes)
        Copper Tubular splice (CZ-type)


        DA connector
        DB connector
        DCJ connector/A type
        DCJ connector/Large currrent type
        DCJ connector/S type
        DD/DS connector
        DIN connector
        DIN terminals/splices Butt splice DIN46341
        DIN terminals/splices Insulated Disconnect Terminal DIN46245
        DIN terminals/splices Parallel splice DIN46341
        DIN terminals/splices Pin terminal Non-insulated DIN46230/Insulated DIN46231
        DIN terminals/splices Ring tongue terminal, Insulated DIN46237
        DIN terminals/splices Ring tongue terminal, Non-insulated DIN46234
        DIN terminals/splices Spade tongue terminal Insulated
        DIN terminals/splices Spade tongue terminal Non-insulated
        DM-144P connector
        DM-200P connector
        DM-72P connector
        DMX connector
        DR connector
        DV connector
        Double-hole terminal (RD-type)
        Dsub connector J series
        Dsub connector JH series
        Dsub connector JK series
        Dsub connector JS series
        Dsub connector KH series
        Dsub connector KS series


        E-4 (Electrically-Operated Hydraulic Unit)
        EH connector
        EL connector
        EP connector
        Express Card connector


        FAZ connector
        FCT connector
        FDZ connector
        FE connector
        FFS connector
        FH connector
        FHH connector
        FHJ connector
        FHS connector
        FHSY connector
        FHY connector
        FJ connector
        FJ-K connector
        FJ-L connector
        FJ-V connector
        FKZ connector
        FLH connector
        FLS connector
        FLT connector
        FLZ connector
        FLZT connector
        FLZX connector
        FM connector
        FMN connector
        FMS connector
        FMZ connector
        FPZ connector
        FUN connector
        FVX connector
        FVXS connector
        FXM connector
        FXR connector
        FXS connector
        FXV connector
        FXW connector
        FXY connector
        FXZ connector
        FXZT connector
        FY connector
        FZ connector
        Flag terminal (FG-type)
        Fork tongue terminal (X-type, Non-insulated)
        Fork tongue terminal (X-type, Vinyl-insulated)
        Fork tongue terminal (Y-type, Non-insulated)


        GH connector
        GHD connector
        GVH connector


        HL connector (W to B)
        HL connector (W to W)
        HM connector
        HQB connector
        HQF connector
        HQM connector
        HR connector (Crimp style)
        HR connector (IDC type)
        HTB connector
        HVQ connector
        Hydraulic hand tool (Hand operated type)


        IG connector


        JAN connector
        JAS connector
        JAV connector
        JDF connector
        JDV connector
        JE connector
        JED connector
        JET connector
        JFA connector (Metal shell)
        JFA connector Connector kits for motor (2.0mm pitch)
        JFA connector Connector kits for motor (2.5mm pitch)
        JFA connector Connector kits for motor (3.8mm pitch)
        JFA connector J1000 Series (W to B)
        JFA connector J1000 Series (W to W)
        JFA connector J2000 Series (W to W)
        JFA connector J2000 series (W to B)
        JFA connector J300 series (J-FAT Spring type 5.08mm pitch)
        JFA connector J300 series (W to B 3.81mm pitch)
        JFA connector J300 series (W to B 5.08mm pitch)
        JFA connector J300 series (W to W 3.81mm pitch)
        JFA connector J300 series (W to W 5.08mm pitch)
        JFA connector J4000 Series (W to B 6.0mm pitch)
        JFA connector J4000 Series (W to B 6.35mm pitch)
        JFA connector J5000 series (W to W)
        JFA connector Protector
        JFA connector Protector
        JFA connector Protector
        JFC connector
        JL connector
        JM connector
        JMC connector
        JMD connector
        JQ connector
        JU connector
        JUX connector
        JWPF connector (W to B)
        JWPF connector (W to W)


        KR connector
        KRD connector
        KRW connector
        Knife Disconnect terminal (K-type)


        LC connector
        LC connector L type
        LCD Back-light terminal
        LD-Y connector
        LV connector
        Lipped Blade terminal (AH-type)


        MBS header
        MD connector
        MD connector SMT type
        MFP connector
        MG connector
        MIH connector
        MJ connector
        MJ connector 8-circuits type
        MQ connector
        MUF connector
        MV connector
        MWP connector
        Microswitch connector


        NH connector
        NR connector
        NRD connector
        NV connector
        NVA connector


        OTZ connector
        Optial fiber connector (LC type)
        Optial fiber connector (MU type)
        Optial fiber connector (SC type)
        Oval type splice (CV-type)
        Oval type splice (PV-type)


        PA connector
        PA connector (High box type)
        PAD connector
        PAF connector
        PAL connector
        PB connector
        PC Card connector C type (Ejector/Header with ejector)
        PC Card connector C type (Socket & Header)
        PH connector
        PH connector (High box type)
        PHD connector
        PND connector
        PNI connector
        PNI connector (W to W)
        PS connector
        PUD connector
        PXA connector
        Parallel splice (P-type, Non-insulated)
        Parallel splice (P-type, Nylon-insulated)
        Parallel splice (P-type, Vinyl-insulated)
        Piercing splice
        Pin terminal (PC-type Vinyl-insulated (straight, flared))
        Pin terminal (PC-type Vinyl-insulated with copper sleeve (straight, flared))
        Pin terminal (PC-type, Non-insulated)
        Pneumatic tool


        Quick disconnect terminal (Female, Vinyl-insulated with funnel-entry copper sleeve/Fully-insulated with copper sleeve)
        Quick disconnect terminal (Male, Female, Piggyback/ Vinyl-insulated with copper sleeve)


        RA connector IDC type
        RA connector crimp style
        RC connector
        RCY connector
        RE connector
        RF connector
        RHM connector
        RIC connector
        RIJ connector
        RIZ connector
        RIZ connector L-Type
        RK header
        RPJ connector
        RPZ connector
        RV connector
        RWZ connector
        RWZ connector (L-type)
        RX connector
        Ratchet hand tool
        Ring tongue terminal (R-type, Non-insulated Heavy duty)
        Ring tongue terminal (R-type, Non-insulated)
        Ring tongue terminal (R-type, Non-insulated/Bent at 90 degrees)
        Ring tongue terminal (R-type, Non-insulated/of nickel)
        Ring tongue terminal (R-type, Nylon-insulated) (flared)
        Ring tongue terminal (R-type, Nylon-insulated) (straight)
        Ring tongue terminal (R-type, Vinyl-insulated (funnel-entry ))
        Ring tongue terminal (R-type, Vinyl-insulated with copper sleeve) (Medium size)
        Ring tongue terminal (R-type, Vinyl-insulated with copper sleeve) (flared)
        Ring tongue terminal (R-type, Vinyl-insulated with copper sleeve) (straight)
        Ring tongue terminal (R-type, Vinyl-insulated) (flared)
        Ring tongue terminal (R-type, Vinyl-insulated) (straight)


        SAN connector
        SCG connector
        SCK connector
        SCN connector
        SCR connector
        SD connector
        SDF connector
        SDK connector
        SDK connector (Reverse type)
        SDN connector
        SFH connector
        SGN connector
        SH connector
        SHD connector
        SHL connector
        SHLD connector
        SHLV connector
        SIN connector
        SJN connector
        SL connector
        SM connector
        SMF connector
        SPC splice
        SPF connector
        SR/SZ connector
        SSR connector
        SUR connector
        SV connector
        SZN connector
        Shunt wire (For pantagraph)
        Shunt wire (JA type)
        Shunt wire (JB type)
        Shunt wire (JC type)
        Shunt wire (JD type)
        Shunt wire (JE type)
        Shunt wire (JF type)
        Shunt wire (JG type)
        Small PC card connector MB type (Ejector)
        Small PC card connector MB type (Socket & Header)
        Spade tongue terminal (A-type Vinyl-insulated (funnel-entry))
        Spade tongue terminal (A-type, Non-insulated)
        Spade tongue terminal (A-type/B-type, Vinyl-insulated with copper sleeve) (flared)
        Spade tongue terminal (A-type/B-type, Vinyl-insulated with copper sleeve) (flared)
        Spade tongue terminal (A-type/B-type, Vinyl-insulated with copper sleeve) (straight)
        Spade tongue terminal (A-type/B-type, Vinyl-insulated with copper sleeve) (straight)
        Spade tongue terminal (A-type/B-type, Vinyl-insulated) (flared)
        Spade tongue terminal (A-type/B-type, Vinyl-insulated) (flared)
        Spade tongue terminal (A-type/B-type, Vinyl-insulated) (straight)
        Spade tongue terminal (A-type/B-type, Vinyl-insulated) (straight)
        Spade tongue terminal (B-type Vinyl-insulated (funnel-entry))
        Spade tongue terminal (B-type, Non-insulated)
        Spade tongue terminal (LS-type)
        Splice for heater wires


        TB header
        TCS connector
        THR connector
        TR/TRW connector
        TSD connector
        Tape-on terminals/splices


        UB connector
        UB connector Micro USB
        UB connector mini-B-type


        V connector
        VA connector
        VB connector
        VH connector
        VH connector (High box type)
        VL connector (W to B)
        VL connector (W to W)
        VR connector
        VS header
        VT connector
        VU connector
        VYH connector


        WPJ connector (W to B)
        WPJ connector (W to W)
        WPK connector
        Window type butt splice (CW-type, Non-insulated)
        Window type butt splice (CW-type, Nylon-Insulated)
        Window type butt splice (CW-type, Nylon-insulated with copper sleeve)


        XA connector (High box type)
        XA connector (W to B)
        XA connector (W to W)
        XAD connector (W to B)
        XAD connector (W to W)
        XH connector
        XH connector (High box type)
        XL connector (W to B)
        XL connector (W to W)
        XM connector (High box type)
        XM connector (W to W)
        XMA connector
        XNI connector
        XSR connector


        YF-1 (Foot-operated hydraulic tool)
        YL connector
        YLN connector


        ZA connector
        ZE connector
        ZF/ZFW connector
        ZH connector
        ZL connector
        ZM connector
        ZR connector
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